Bathroom Transformation–Part One

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Do you have a room in your home that needs a facelift? We did–our main bathroom! When we moved into our house five years ago, we painted most of the rooms and did a few small home improvement projects, but this bathroom had been almost untouched. The vinyl flooring was beginning to curl up along the edge of the tub, which meant water was seeping under it when the kiddos would splash water out of the bathtub.

Vinyl Flooring in Main Bathroom

Vinyl Flooring in Main Bathroom

Imagining the mold we might be growing, not to mention the potential water damage that could happen if ignored, we decided it was time to do something about it! If we were going to replace the floor, it was time to start with a clean slate–the wallpaper must come down!

Monday afternoon we headed to the local home improvement store with the goal of selecting and purchasing our tile, paint, and supplies. After perusing the tile section I couldn’t find what I had envisioned. I knew I wanted rectangular tile and one tile had caught my eye, but I was not convinced it was the right one.

Time for the Wallpaper to Go!

Time for the Wallpaper to Go!



We decided to divide and conquer since we had three kiddos five and younger in tow, so Nathan went one direction and I continued to browse the tile. In a side area I came across a selection of tile that I had not seen yet. Immediately I knew I had found THE tile–a lovely 12 x 24 porcelain tile with variations of gray and tan and olive in a combed pattern, slightly modern yet elegant. Armed with tile, paint, and supplies, we headed home. Our trip had been a success.



The Best Wallpaper Removal Assistant!

Tuesday morning I found two of the little buddies in the bathroom discussing how they were going to help tear the wallpaper down. Hmm…why not! I discovered that a five year old can be a great wallpaper remover. The wallpaper came down easily, but the border was a whole different story. No amount of scraping or sanding would remove the glue, so Wednesday we ended up skim coating where the border had been. By the end of Wednesday, wallpaper and border were down, walls were skim coated, and the vinyl flooring was removed.



Uugh!!! Getting Worse Before It Gets Better

As is the nature of home improvement projects, it was getting worse before it got better. Stay tuned for more of the story to follow!

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